Women Power

Women Power

Women Power:- 

In today’s world, no one is less than anyone let it be men or women. The women power is getting strong, stronger and strongest indeed.

Today not only men are earning or serving the country or running business, etc  but even women are capable of doing it in every aspect. Many business are being run by women and they are able to balance and handle both their professional and personal lives peacefully.

Today’s women is much strong and capable to take a stand for herself and her dreams in front of the world and is not same as the previous generation where women were not allowed out of their house and were forced to be do only household work and take care of their family and kids.

Women Entrepreneurs in India:-

The rate of women entrepreneurs in India is very low when compared to the other countries in the world. So it is necessary for the government to take few steps and initiate plans to encourage Women entrepreneurship in India as it would also help in increasing the national income and also the labor rate since women are comfortable with working with women rather than men due to various reasons. Women Power is being increased now and people are supporting it since it is right and women should also be given equal respect and rights but does not symbolise that women misuse it. They should use it in proper way which would benefit their nation as well as their family. Women’s Day is being celebrated on March 8 and women usually wear purple which signifies dignity and justice, green which symbolises hope or white which shows purity. Women’s Day needs to be celebrated in a way that women feel that they have equal rights and respect in the society and the nation they live in. Every women is special and unique in her own way and so they need to be treated with full respect and love and that needs to be shown on one particular special day i.e., March 8 so that even they become happy. A women is the one who makes the home heaven and can also make the same home hell.



So it is her responsibility and duty to make the house heaven and take care of the entire family and their health and their happiness in every way. A women never expects anything in return for taking care of her family except one thing and that is love. So always respect and love every women and your life will always be happy and peaceful because God made a women since he cannot be present everywhere.

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