About Conference

About Conference

International Conference on Startup ventures: Technology Developments and Future Strategies (SV-TDFS) will be held at Manipal University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India on 08th-09th October, 2018 with the collaboration of Institute for Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP), Technocrat Research and Development professional association.

The aim of SV-TDFS-2018 is to provide an international open forum for the researchers, academicians, practitioners, startup ventures and technocrats in academia as well as in industries from different parts of the world to interact, exchange concepts, prototypes, innovative research ideas and share the outcomes of their research work which could especially contribute to the academic arena and further benefit the business and industrial community, and as a whole helping the society. SV-TDFS-2018 is first unique conference of its own kind which is trying to bring academicians, scientists and technocrats from various domains ranging from agriculture to industry, to provide the solution of the common man’s basic problem at one platform and also discuss the challenges in their respective domains. New frontiers of technology and its collective use has answer of future challenges in the field of food, green energy, agriculture, water and health.

This conference will also explore an excellent opportunity for the young researchers to expose their work to international community, receive sincere feedback from peers of different parts of the world, and to open up the scope for new research collaborations among the different participants across the globe and invited delegates. The sharing of knowledge and dissemination of state of art is need of the hour for reliable and sustainable development for human prosperity. The technical program of the conference would include keynote, plenary and invited lectures by renowned researchers from all over the globe. Thus SV-TDFS with broadened scope to work out on the challenges and solution to industrial problems by the scientific and academic sector of India.

Need of Technological Startup in India

As a matter of fact of being the second largest populated country across the globe, India just needs one thing - Solve its problems. Solve many grass root level problems that its billion plus citizens face every day, whether it is finding a doctor or making a purchase or filing the tax or find a house for rent. A great answer to this is technological start-ups which not only solve these everyday problems but also improvise and uplift our human resources, empowering them to get better skills personnel and make them entrepreneurs to solve more problems or solve it in a better way. Since we are having a large and growing economy, in the absence of these start-ups, solution to these problems become a herculean task.

A technology startup is a company whose purpose is to bring technological products or services to market so that it will reach to the common man with cost effective manner. These companies deliver new technology products or services or deliver existing technology products or services in new ways. Historically, the most constructive and long-lasting products were not built through a single, emergent technology. Rather, they were built through a combination of existing technologies, innovation and new business models that appealed to customers. Products built on an innovative, but independent, technology often struggled to achieve wide adoption.

Conference Objective

This conference would reach to the grass root level of technical and nontechnical educational institutions through our publicity process of shortlisting the unique and innovative startup proposal which would have an immense growth by the year 2020 and ultimately results in the growth of our country’s GDP. The eminent speakers will attend the conference to share their experience and prominent knowledge for the entrepreneurs and students with ideas for the startups. The conference also includes the scientific experts along with the technical and professional advisors to guide the young innovators.

Major areas of conference are:

  • Smart Microsystem
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Engineering (IOT)
  • Green Technology

Event Policy: Summary of research work from innovators will be publish in the form of abstract in conference proceeding. All intellectual rights will be reserve with the name of innovators under IFERP and MUJ only.